30 November 2007

Where to find us...

Good news folks! This weekend you can find Fort Cloudy on BOTH coasts!

If you live in the Baltimore area, head down to St. John's Church at 2640 St Paul St tomorrow (Dec 1) for Holiday Heap! A kick ass show brought to you by the Charm City Craft Mafia. For more information go to the CCCM's website! Make sure to go say hi to Danger Paul, it'll be his first show by himself.If you happen to find yourself on the other side of the country, come hang out with Fort and I at Urban Craft Uprising at the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall. We'll be there Saturday AND Sunday from 11a to 5p. Go to their website for more!We hope to see you getting your Holiday shopping on at one of these great events!

28 November 2007

Always Learning...

Today I learned....
"baby jesus cries when you don't use a turn signal"

Don't upset baby jesus. C'mon people! ;P

13 November 2007

Visiting Austin

This past weekend we headed down to Austin, Texas for the Stitch Fashion Show and Craft Bazaar, a show put on by the ass-kicking Austin Craft Mafia down at the Convention Center. They CM girls had a party packed weekend planned, and we were more than happy to participate!
We got into Austin Friday late afternoon and headed almost directly to the pre-show party at First Samples for a Smart Water sponsored event complete with a keg and Q&A with Project Runway's 3rd Season contestant, Bradley Baumkirchner. We got to meet a bunch of awesome vendors (several of whom are from Seattle) and a few of the show organizers, including Jennifer Perkins of Naughty Secretary Club.
Saturday was a bit of a whirlwind. We joined forces with Luca of Lollibomb Beauty and headed to the Convention Center to survey the lands and set up our booths. We ran into a few of our favorite Etsy friends like Aorta, Muttsywonder, RuffeoHeartsLilSnotty, and Matt from Etsy, who were also taking care of set-up.The show was fantastic! Those girls really did the best job ever at organizing the event, we send mad props to them! Along with awesome sales we also we met so many great people! Jessica from FunkyFinds stopped by to say hi, she featured Fort Cloudy fairly recently so it was extra nice to meet her! We also got to chit chat with Dismantled, TheRocketWorkshop, SweetWolf, and StephanieK. Craig from CubistLiterature also came to check out the show! It was really nice to see him again!
The Runway show was fantastic! It was kicked off by Bradley Baumkirchner presenting the Stitch Grant Award (a $1000 prize) to House of Dang. All of the designers that participated in the fashion show were phenomenal! If think my favorite was Rebecca Yaker and her collection of sock monkey clothing. The sock monkey bikini modeled by Jenny Hart was one of the best things I've seen in a while!After the show we headed over to the Mohawk to party it up with everyone and unwind. We danced the night away with all the other vendors and craft show patrons. It was a great end to one of the most fun shows we've participated in!

10 November 2007


TODAY, that's right today, Saturday November 10th come find Fort Cloudy and I down at Stitch in Austin, TX. The show has an amazing line up of sellers you do not want to miss. So come out and play with us. $10 with doors at 4pm and a fashion show at 9:30p. Seriously people, if you're in the area you will not want to miss this show! Just think about all the wonderful handmade goodies you can buy to finish off your xmas shopping or just get a little something for yourself. Since we just talked about how you need to sign the Handmade Pledge *cough cough* this is definitely the place you need to be. We'll see you there!

08 November 2007

Take the Handmade Pledge!

In case you haven't heard of Buyhandmade.org, I want to strongly encourage you to check it out. So far over 4300 people have pledged to buy handmade goods this holiday season! I signed a couple of weeks ago and it was half that. So join the masses and bring a little extra handmade love into your home this holiday!

I Took The Handmade Pledge! BuyHandmade.org

06 November 2007

Spelling Bee

So, what's a fetus to do on the first Monday of a month? Join his good friend Kate (zoo1023) down at Re-Bar for a Spelling Bee! For just $5 you can go and participate in the (what will likely be) utter humiliation (I know I would have been slaughtered) or just go and watch.
Sign up starts at 7p and the spelling gloves come off at 8 sharp! Though word master, Josh, pulls out some pretty (ok, very) obscure words out for you, he seems genuinely excited for you when you get them right, and extremely nice about it when you don't.And what's the best part about the Spelling Bee being located in a bar? You can drink your embarrassment away! If you place in the top 2 you even receive drink coupons for the bar. How sweet is that?! The contest runs until about 10pm, providing 2+ fantastic hours of "what did he just ask her to spell??", "is that even a word??" , great laughs, and loads of fun!