25 December 2007

Happy Holidays!

Hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday!

13 December 2007

BUST Craftacular!

So.. ummmm.. I think all I can say is wow, what a whirlwind weekend! 4 Days 3 cities. I'm not sure I could do much more... Let's just start with the BUST Craftacular.
What an amazing show! We were so busy the entire time I hardly got to walk around and talk to anyone! Our table was next to Lollibomb and Lemon Cadet and straight across the way from Brookadelphia. I don't think we could have asked for a better spot ourselves! Fort was been a long time silent fan of Brookadelphia, so she was totally psyched, and ended up getting one of her awesome "Crafty" pendants! She also got a "Bourbon" necklace from t8designs, and a couple of xmas presents from other seller (I'd tell you tell you but that might ruin the surprise for a couple people!).We had a few new toddler zip up sweater shirts with us, that haven't even made it into the shop yet since we don't have a model, that flew off our table! Along with new scarf designs and and a couple of paintings that Fort just recently did.
Seriously guys, if you weren't at this event you better make sure you're there next year! There was a line to get in until 3pm! 3pm! Those are some super dedicated shoppers! Oh and I think I forgot to mention(!), Amy Sedaris was there signing her new book and selling some of her super crafty wears! We went and got her autograph for Danger Cloudy, he's a HUGE fan.Lollibomb, Fort, and I didn't go out and cause too much trouble after the show since we had to be up at the butt crack of dawn to fly down to Florida for the Atomic Holiday Bazaar, but more on that later! Right now I need to grab something to eat!

05 December 2007

Recycler Rant

Dear Recycler Men,

Do you really sit outside my window and dump glass bottles into your truck every Wednesday at about 7:30? Does it reeeeally take you about 45 minutes to do so? There aren't that many apartment builds on this street. I'm starting to become convinced that you bring all of the bottles from the surrounding streets to our happy little cul-de-sac just to wake me up. I don't really want to be up this early. Do you really find it necessary to play with all of the knobs, buttons, and levers on your vechile while being parked outside my window? Don't you already know what those do? Would it be possible for you to do this on 4th Ave next week? I hear those people like to be rudely awaken at ungodly hours of the morning. I've tried sleeping in different rooms, but your clanking and clattering seem to resonate throughout all of the apartment. So please guys, please, let me sleep in a little for once. Thanks

A very tired, slightly hungover, fairly irritated Ninja Fetus

04 December 2007

On Facebook?

Now so is Fort Cloudy! Swing by and click the button to become a fan! Its a one stop look at where we'll be and what kind of fun we're brewing up in the FC laboratory. Hope to see you there!