19 June 2007

Visiting Etsy and Renegade

This past weekend Fort Cloudy, Charlie (the penguin), and I headed up to New York to shake our butts at the Etsy 2 year party and sell, sell, sell at Renegade Craft Fair. We had a fun filled weekend of making new friends and sharing our current friends with all of Brookyln.
The Etsy party was awesome! They had cake AND a piƱata! Charlie and I got to shake it with some awesome Etsy peeps, including: ashleywhitejacobsen, stellaloella, lushboxinc, girlscantell, taina, xiane, sweetestpea, Anda, sweetiepiepress, RelishDress, and Angeatelier, among others. Charlie and I had only heard Fort talk about these a bunch of these people and the Labs before, so it was rad to be able to meet everyone and experience the good times first hand. I definitely want to get back to the EtsyLabs to take one of the neat classes that they offer.

Saturday morning we all high tailed it over to McCarran Park Pool for the Renegade Craft Fair. Fort had a booth vending and Charlie and I wanted to go and help out. She had arranged it before hand so that we were placed right next to Lushbox. Its really great to be at a show and be placed by someone you know. I headed over to her booth for a bit for a slightly steamy photo shoot:

The whole weekend was really great! Rebound Designs was there, as well as, Kate Black, the Black Apple, Squidfire, Precious Pups, 1 Boy 1 Girl, EtsyLabs, Cloedee, Imogene, Red Prairie Press, My Paper Crane, Mogo, I could really go on and on and on... OH! and the Chocolate Lab was there! I had to get a picture with her!

Oh! And I can't forget my new friends!

Man, oh man. Everyone was really great! I can't wait till the next show to meet more great folks! If you're around in Baltimore this Saturday, come out to Pile of Craft (St Paul and 27th) put on by the Charm City Craft Mafia!

12 June 2007

New York City Adventures!

This past weekend my super awesome puppet making friend, StaceyRebecca, came up from Phoenix, AZ to teach a class at the ever fantastic Etsy Labs. Unfortunately I was unable to attend since I had a public appearance scheduled with Fort Cloudy for Saturday and Sunday. Luckily though, Sarah really wanted to go meet Stacey too. So we arranged a whirlwind bus trip to New York for the evening.
Our bus ended up being an hour and a half late to the Baltimore station, so we didn't end up getting to the Big Apple until 8pm that night and had to be back on the bus home at 3:45am. It kinda made me feel like a manly-fetus version of Cinderella.
Stacey is really great! But if you've ever talked to her, you already knew that. She suggested that we go to an improv show in Manhattan. She knew one of the groups preforming, Comic Book, pretty rock! So we hung out at the Labs for a bit, waited for Anda, and hopped the F train.
The show was totally rad. I'm not sure I've ever laughed that hard. The guys from Comic Book took all of us to an improv hang out bar called Triple Crown. Some food, drinks, and good conversation later they took Stacey and I up to Times Square since neither of us had seen it before. Even though the trip was really short it was totally worth it. I'm really glad we got to go. Check out the pictures:

11 June 2007

This evenings Etsy Front Page

Thanks to my good friend and fellow adventurer UglyKitty. I was featured on Etsy's Front Page today! I feel like such a rock star. So many people sharing the love! Hopefully a few of them will decide to share in my adventures and take me home!

08 June 2007

This weekend in Baltimore! Hon Fest!

Come out for 2 fun HON filled days! This Saturday and Sunday June 9th and 10th! While you're there be sure to check out the Fort Cloudy booth and pick up some great handmade gear! I will also be around, so come and have your picture taken with me, the Ninja Fetus, and join in on one of my adventures!

More info on their website: HonFest.net

07 June 2007

Wednesday night at Liams

I swear I don't go out this much, heh, I am just a fetus after all.

My friends from Sweetie Pie Press are in town! Have you heard of them? If not you must be living under a rock! They're some of the raddest kids ever. I met up with them in Hampden at Golden West (one of the most awesomest restaurants around) and we headed down to Liam's Pint Size Pub on Charles St and met up with a bunch of friends.
Blue Heart Box was in the mix up. His wire sculpture is absolutely kick ass! Unfortunately though, I may have said the wrong thing to one of his squids and we ended up duking it out right on the tables. My head still hurts a little today!
I think I'm gonna go pop some aspirin and crawl back in bed for a bit!

06 June 2007

Baltimore Farmers Market

On Sunday we headed out to the Baltimore Farmers Market (Holliday and Saratoga under the I-83 overpass, 8a-noon). It was a lot busier than I expected it to be. There was so much to see, so much to smell!
We started off getting coffee for Matt and Mister Donut donuts for breakfast. I'd just like to say for the record what awesome donuts they are! And my childlike interest thought it was really neat to watch them cook in the fryer. Thats a pretty cool machine. I wandered around aimlessly the majority of the time that we were there since it was a bit of an eye full, between the apple/strawberry stand, the crepe cart, the delicious looking breads, the beautiful flowers, among all the other vendors. There was even an area designated for a Craft Market! Although, Sarah pointed out that it was mainly comprised of jewelry vendors. It would have been awesome to see a little more variety, but its totally rad that its there.
Overall, the Farmers Market was a great experience! If you live in the area or are in town on a Sunday you should definitely go! Check it out! Support local Farmers!

05 June 2007

Friday Recap

So Friday night Matt and Sarah took me out around Baltimore. We had a blast! Walking around Federal Hill, the Inner Harbor, and going dancing. I really wish AppleSue had been able to join us.

The night started off pretty relaxed. After we finally found a parking spot (pretty hard to do in Federal Hill on a Friday night) we headed up to the Hill to catch the dusk view of the Inner Harbor. I got to play on the cannons, it was awesome! Getting down those stairs sure did take forever though.. whew!

On our way to the Harbor we made a quick stop around the Rash Field area to play for a sec. Then went off to go find some new friends. I met a really fantastic group of adults that were out on a double date. They let me talk with them for a bit and even took a picture with me!
Since this was my first time to Baltimore I wanted to stop in the Visitors center and grab a bunch of information. So many things I need to see!

I really wanted to go on a boat sight seeing tour, but Sarah was right, it was too dark to see anything really well. I would have even done the water taxi, but Fell Point didn't seem like a key destination, not for us. So instead we decided to spring for the Dragon Paddle Boats! Which was probably the best decision we could have made! I was so excited to get on the paddle boats I even made the super awesome ticket lady take a picture with me! The water was awesome, beautiful and peaceful. Well, until Matt tried to play bumper paddle boat, then we had a high seas adventure of sorts :) The moon was amazing, too! Sarah and I didn't see it until he pointed it out. It was the biggest and reddest moon I had ever seen! Well.. not that I've seen that many.

After the paddles boats we walked around the area for a bit. I climbed a tree, got a slushie, and and ran into a fish that didn't seem to like me one bit. We walked past the aquarium while we were down there. I really want to go there some time! Especially to the new Australian expansion that they have.

Even though our night had been pretty full of adventure, I really want to see what "going dancing" was like. So Matt and Sarah agreed to take me to Sonar for an event called TaxLo. Sarah told me that it used to be called Taxidermy Lodge, but figured they shortened it for the "cool" factor. Since I'm stuffed I figured that I'd fit right in! It was a crazy time, definitely. At first I was a bit lost, that place is huge. It was awesome how friendly people were! No seemed to mind that I'd just walk up and start dancing with them, total party. A lot of people even let me get a picture with them! I felt like.... what is it you people call them.... oh yea.. a rock star!