30 August 2007


Yesterday Fort and I made cupcakes for the Charm City Craft Mafia meeting. I have to say, it was one of my more delicious experiences :) I think baking in one of my new interests, one my my new yummy interests. I think I'll bake some cookies tonight!

Funfetti + Chocolate Icing = Love. That's just all there is to it.

Here, have a cupcake!

28 August 2007

Renegade Take Over!

Come out and visit Fort, Mama Cloudy, and I at Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago, IL! We may just have a little surprise for you! Booth number soon!!

27 August 2007

Brandon the Ninja Fetus by Saxony

Brandon's Outdoor Adventure
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Brandon The Ninja Fetus was bored sitting at the computer. No one was on.

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He checked his phone for any messages but there weren't any.

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Brandon thought he would like to go outside. He had never done that before!

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So he opened the door. Poor little Ninja Fetus was scared!

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But he managed to take his first step outside. What a brave little ninja fetus Brandon was!

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He was amazed by the world around him! All the different colors he saw awed him.

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He spotted a lovely pinecone lying on the grass. He decided he would talk to it! He thought he spotted a red chair and asked the pinecone if she would like to join him there. She was happy to join him!

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So there they sat, getting to know each other. Her name was Belinda, and she said she came from a tree. Brandon was amazed! But not too amazed.

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He ate her.

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From where he sat Brandon spotted a pelican.
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He decided to ride it! So Brandon rocked back and forth but then...

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He fell off!

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While he lay there, upset, he spotted a basketball hoop. His former sadness was soon gone and replaced with joy!

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Brandon thought it looked fun and tried to play.

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OUCH! The little Ninja Fetus landed on his back! He started to wail, and exclaimed, "Boo! I hate life and life hates me!"

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But along came Saxony and came to the rescue! She told Brandon that it's okay to suck at life and that everbody does in their own special way. "At the same time," she told him, "We all rock at life too!"

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Brandon felt better after Saxony left! "Oh boy," he thought, "Life is worth living again!"

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He thought he had enough of the outside world. The fifteen minutes of exciment wore the little ninja fetus out!

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Brandon waddled into bed, content with life.

The End.
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(This story was brought to you from the creative minds of Saxony and Brandon The Ninja Fetus. No fetuses nor pinecones were harmed during the making.)

24 August 2007

Happy Birthday, Littlest Cloudy

The Littlest Cloudy celebrated her birthday this week! Man is she getting old... ;P


23 August 2007

It's Official!

We're moving to Seattle! Right now we're in the processes of putting all our ducks in a row in preparation for our big move! Fort and I are hitting the road with Mama Cloudy for one hell of an adventure! Along the way we'll be hitting:

Morgantown, WV
Cincinnati, OH
Chicago, IL (for Renegade Craft Fair)
Lincoln, NE
Mount Rushmore
and Yellowstone National Park

If you know of anything fun for us to do please let me know!

Don't worry though, Eastcoasters! We'll be back pretty frequently for shows.

If anyone is interested in coming to the Going Away Party in Baltimore Sept 8th feel free to email me ( ninja@fortcloudy.com ) and I'll get you the info.

A big thanks to UglyKitty for making the kick ass invitations!

22 August 2007

I met a man with a sword of meat.

I did indeed, well make that multiple men. Christa from It Knits awesomely invited the Charm City Craft Mafia along to the restaurant opening of Fogo De Chao, a Brazilian steakhouse freshly placed in downtown Baltimore at the Inner Harbor.The restaurant's website describes the atmosphere as a "dining experience like no other" and how right are they! We had a large group of about 30 but were all split up among smaller tables. I was seated with Jo (of Meghan and Jo Aprons) and Rebecca (of Bake Sale Designs) and their significant others. Once seated a server came over and explained that we could help ourselves to the salad bar (the amazingly awesome salad bar) and once we were ready for the main course we could flip the small red disc by our plates (that we were all using as coasters) over to the green side and the meat would be served. Stop and go, I liked that.These people do not fool around when it comes to meat! They offer 15 different cuts, ranging chicken legs wrapped in bacon to lamb chops to sirloin to pork to sausage to filet mignon and filet mignon wrapped in bacon. It took me a little while to build up the courage to flip my card to GO, and to be honest I'm glad I waited. As soon as the green faced the air our table was swarming with men offering to cut meat off of their swords for us.
It was all extremely delicious. D-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s. And not only was the meat tasty (especially the filet mignon) but the sides were really rockin as well! They had started us off with warm cheese beard nuggets which were hard enough to keep my little fingers out of, but while the main course was flying around our table we were also given yummy, yummy fried bananas, finger-lickin polenta, and cheesy-chivey kick ass mashed potatoes.
I was a little relieved when I finally flipped my card back to red. Each time they came around with their meat swords they only gave you a small piece, but small pieces add up, and quick! It was almost more than my little fetus tummy could bare. If I wore pants they would have definitely been unbuttoned.
And to top the whole thing off I still went for a little dessert. Well, not that the serving was small. The server that came around to offer rattled the list off so quickly that I couldn't really tell what she said. About all I got was Key Lime Pie and something something chocolate. I went for the chocolate, which ended up being a warm little moist chocolate cake with ice cream drizzled in a couple different sauces. Talk about yum! Though I could have probably split it with 3 other people.I rolled home that night. Yup, definitely rolled.

21 August 2007

Pimpin' it ain't easy

Nuff said...

20 August 2007

Ninja Fetus and the Death Breakfast

Immediately upon returning home from Seattle, Fort and I grabbed the first bus to New York in search of the ever-so-amazing Luca of Lollibomb Beauty. We went directly to the EtsyLabs in search of her, but to no avail. A friendly group of engineers told us about Death Breakfast and that we would be sure to find Luca there. So we waited for them to take us. I had no idea what to expect from this Death Breakfast, even though Fort had assured me that she had participated before and it was nothing to worry about.
What little fears I had were replaced with utter joy when we arrived at the Brownstone diner. The menu was incredible. Pages and pages of pancakes and breakfast foods of all varieties, and even more pages of deliciously fried goodness. My mouth watered. I grabbed a seat next to Luca and plunged head first into the menu. It took me forever to decide, so I was happy to be with such a large group.(Photo from Luca's Flickr)

We started with mozzarella sticks and brownstone fries and I got French Toast for dinner. It was amazing and incredibly hard not to eat too much. There were mountains and mountains of food covering the table. I could hardly see the person sitting across from me, though that may have more to do with my size than anything else.I'd say that the whole experience was absolutely amazing and I definitely want to go again! I rolled out of there that night. Rolled and rolled and rolled and rolled.

(Photo from Luca's Flickr)

17 August 2007

Last Day

On the last day of my Seattle adventure I didn't want to do much besides hang out with Lily. I figured we needed to get in a lot of quality time now, even though I'll be back in a little over a month. So for today, I'm just going to give you pictures of a too-cute-for-her-own-good baby. Enjoy.Time to get back to Baltimore for some more awesome adventures!

16 August 2007

Doughnuts and Drinks

Sunday morning we headed back down to Pike's Place Market. There is a doughnut vendor at the market who sells the tastiest little treats you could ever eat! There is a similar vendor at the Baltimore Farmers Market, but in my opinion the Seattle people do it better (even though they are exactly the same). I'm a big fan of the cinnamon ones, so we all split a dozen.There is definitely a lot of really awesome stuff to see at the market, like I've said before. There are always several street musician and entertainers on hand to keep the masses amused and smiling. Almost every single time I've been there I've run into the man that wheels an upright piano to the corner and joyfully bangs away at it. However, this time we came across a very talented man the next corner up. He happily strummed away at his guitar, which isn't super extraordinary, but the astounding thing about him was that while he played he balanced a hula hoop on his chin while spinning another around his waist!His name is Emery Carl, which I only know because he found my flickr that Sunday night and left me with his website information, which you can find here. So take a look at him, he seems to be a fairly interesting guy!
After our long adventure on Friday we all decided to call it an afternoon. Later on the girls and I left Lily with her Aunt and popped out for a couple drinks around town (thumbnails at the bottom) and took a nice long walk. It was a spectacular evening so I enjoyed the time spent out side. I wish I could have stayed longer, but there was only one more day left. Though, I guess I'll be returning soon enough :)