29 October 2007

Etsy Halloween Party

What's a fetus to do the Saturday before Halloween? Why fly to New York for the Etsy Halloween party, of course! So, Fort and I hopped on an airplane and headed to the Big Apple to hang out with all our super cool crafty friends.
In true Etsy fashion there was a ghost pinata handmade by the girls at the Labs! It was pretty awesome, and a lot of fun to take a swing at!
And a ton of gift bags to be handed out. I took a peek and saw that they even contained samples from Lollibomb Beauty! She definitely has some of the best lotion ever.There were a lot of really great costumes too! Anda from stopsandstarts was a pregnant skeleton, Jen from sweetestpea came as a Hug Robot, Sarah the Lawyer donned an awesomely snarky Hello Kitty costume, and Lollibomb and Fort were Etsy cheerleaders! I also spotted a unicorn, a Mexican wrestler, Laura Bush, Tammy Faye, and a couple of bunnies.
Since the Portland Street Team was in town for the trunk show they had the previous night, Urbana decided to set up shop again, offering Jager shots with the purchase of her cute small bowls. I wish Jager treated me a little better, because I would have loved to join in on the fun. Ruffeo Hearts Lil Snotty also had a couple racks out. They have some really awesome stuff! Going on the wish list for sure.
The Majestica Collective has been hanging out at the Etsy Labs for the past week offering workshops and performance art. The piece in the above photo involved a wooden frame, a large plastic bag, a shop vac, and a women. I would describe it past that, but I just don't know what to say. It was amazing, and I'm sure a bit windy :)Overall, it was an awesome party as all Etsy parties are. Definitely worth the hellish airport conditions it took to get there! Tomorrow is our last day in New York so we'll definitely have to squeeze out another awesome adventure before heading back out west for I Heart Rummage in Seattle.

19 October 2007

Favorite Quote

"I'm an alcoholic. I drink beer and lick pussy as is."

This was over heard from a passerby while sitting outside of Uptown drinking some coffee. I enjoyed it so much I wrote it down and took a picture to share with everyone.

Quote from a passerby

18 October 2007

Coolest candy ever.

Generally I curse countertop items for purchase at coffee stores due to the temptation that arises. BUT! These I'll take any day. They're like legos but candy.. that you can eat... and build with.. Pretty much the coolest thing I've ever seen.. and eatten...
Fort kinda shook her head at me for a while and then gave in and joined the fun. And let me tell you, it was fun!

15 October 2007

Crafty Wonderland

Yesterday, Fort, Lisha (our friend from Baltimore), and I, drove down to Portland to attend Crafty Wonderland. Its a nice little show with about 40 vendors, mostly local, held at the Doug Fir Lounge on Burnside.
The show was in the downstairs portion on the Lounge where they have concerts. (The Go! Team is playing there in a couple weeks and I kinda want to go...) I really liked the way they used the space in the room, having vendors on different levels made it very visually appealing.

The variety of the vendors was really neat, and it was nice to see a few paintings there as well. The group of vendors reminded me of a creaft-heavier Big Art Show. Mona, from Tinymeat / Mamadelic, was there! It was really nice to see a familiar face as well as meeting all those cool new vendors.
Our spot was on the stage so we were able to utilize the fun stage lighting! Maybe not the coolest thing in the world, but it sure amused me!

13 October 2007

Burlesquin' it Up!

Wednesday night we head down to The Bedroom Club in Pioneer Square to catch the Burning Hearts Burlesque show. Miss Anita Goodmann hosted the evening. She just got through her divorce and was eager to put on a fantastic show (she succeeded).
There's not much better than cocktails and women tastefully taking their clothes off to pep up your Wednesday night! The performers were great! Ms Luna Nocturna did a really awesome Day of the Dead inspired number, as well as one with Absinth and the green fairy.
Sara Rose was there keeping our ears super entertained. She has a spectacular voice! Her microphone didn't work for the first half of her first song so she just belted it out as loud as she could! I was very impressed. Miss Elaine Yes came out for a few sets, as well as Miss Cassie O'Hara, and Miss Goody Goody! The show was all around fantastic!
Oh! And I forgot to mention that they made Fort get up on stage and gave her some birthday spankings. HA! I'm not sure if there's a good picture of it.. I'll ask around... She made me go with her so I couldn't get one.

10 October 2007

Happy Birthday, Fort!

It's Fort Cloudy's birthday today! We're going to a burlesque show tonight!! There will be awesome pictures on flickr tomorrow ;) Hopefully it'll be a blog worthy night!

09 October 2007

Adding Toast to the Family?

We, here on Fort Cloudy, have been asked to adopt Berny Toast into our family. What do you guys think? We may change his name if we do decide to keep him around.. But what do you guys think? Should we keep him around? You decide!

08 October 2007

Stitch Rock!

This past week we headed down to South Florida to participate in Stitch Rock in Delray Beach and hang out with Luca of Lollibomb. Saturday morning we headed up to the show.There were a LOT of great vendors there. Some we had met before, like, Lollibomb, Owl Movement, Ragamufyn, Tuff Betty Bags, Erica Burns Designs, 75 Rabbit, and others
And we met some awesome new vendors, too: Snitches Get Stitches, Ciara Loves You, With Sugar on Top, Humble Bumble B, Backbone Music, and tons of other great crafters!There were also some local shops and boutiques at the show. We got to meet the cool folks from Bear and Bird Gallery and Pink Ghost! If you're ever down in the Delray/Fort Lauderdale area try and check them out!

The folks from ThreadBanger were also about checkin out the craft show for one of their episodes! Have you checked out their site before? I'm really excited to see this episode! They interviewed a lot of really great crafters including Lollibomb and Snitches Get Stitches.Stitchrock put on a really awesome fashion show, organized by Adrianne Ruffin. And one of my favorite things at shows... CUPCAKES! Which I bought a bunch of... so I'm gonna go eat one now.

05 October 2007

The Indie Path

Woooooohoooo! Fort Cloudy is the featured artist right now on TheIndiePath.com. Check it out!

Also if you find yourself in South Florida this weekend come on out to Stitch Rock! It's going to be an awesome craft show!

02 October 2007

Crafty Bastards!

This past weekend, had you been in Washington, DC you would have found Fort and I at Crafty Bastards, one of the East Coast's most rockin' craft show! We had a fantastic time meeting everyone that came out and stopped by our booth. A big thanks to them!
We were SO busy the whole day that I didn't get a chance to leave the table to take photos to share with you all. Partly Cloudy was going to come out to help, but the poor dear got food poisoning :(
So I don't have any photos for you.. but I can tell you that you should definitely try and check out the show if you ever can. The level of awesomeness will blow your mind.

Oh, and so you guys know: Fort has a bunch of new items that are about to drop in the store so check it out soon, if you get a sec! FortCloudy.com

Back to Seattle for us! Later!