03 January 2008

Valentine's Day

I just found out that MC Chris is playing the Show Box in Seattle on Valentine's Day. I think I'm going to ask Fort to be my date.. or maybe I'll try and find her a real date and third wheel it.. You should come with us if you live around here!

02 January 2008

A New Year.

So, wow, its 2008 already. How did that happen? So much occurred in the past year it feels like time just flew right by. I thought that when you're as little as I am that the days were supposed to feel like forever, not feel like they're blowing past.
Since the holiday rush has cooled off, I've been trying to take more time to explore the city. I hadn't previously been able to do so with the crazy travel/craft show schedule we'd been keeping. Its funny the things you don't notice when you don't take the time to look. For example, I was walking up 1st Ave the other day and came across a completely smashed computer monitor and television. I laughed about it with my friend and she told me it had been there for several weeks. I feel silly for missing it as 1)its kinda hard to miss and 2)I walk down first fairly frequently.I spent a decent amount of time walking in the downtown shopping district, people watching. Even though it was post xmas it was a flooded Saturday afternoon. So much hustle and bustle, I can only assume for the After Christmas Sales, which when I took a peek didn't seem all that impressive to me.
When the immense crowd started to get to me I decided I'd pop on down to Pike's Place Market to pick up some veggies for dinner. Out of the pot and into the pan. I had forgotten that it was in fact the weekend and you can barely move at the Market on Saturday and Sunday. The flying fish, the giant piggy everyone wants to take their picture on, and all the great handmade shopping are pretty alluring for tourists and Seattlites alike. I wish I didn't continuously make the mistake of going down there on the busiest days since it is pretty fun to walk around. But I got my veggies (and some purple potatoes - my favorite discovery of 2007) and headed home.
Maybe its just 1st Ave that attracts the weird goings on, or maybe I just pay more attention when walking on that street. A few months ago I saw a man cutting his hair in the middle of the road, and its a main one. This trip I discovered the empty collection of minis the homeless folks in the neighborhood coax out of the patrons of the liquor store.
Oh, no, wait. Its definitely not just 1st. Sunday we saw a man panhandling in a dress and over the top make up. I love this city.