06 May 2008

Garrett Shirts

Just wanted to give a quick shout out to Garrett Shirts. His step-daughter gave him one of my cousins for Christmas and he made this shirt for her. Do you see?? That's me on the shield! I'm so super honored to be included as part of their family. You should take a sec and check out his for sale shirts on his website: GarrettShirts.com. Thanks a lot dude!


Garrett said...

hey Fetus! Your cousin watches over my computer. He's escaped the jaws of a hungry Weimaraner twice - but that's to be expected I think :)

For the sake of world peace can I humbly request that you note that she's my step-daughter? Then and only then can I show her how internet famous her shirt's getting :D

Big thanks for the shout out!


Ninja Fetus said...

Changed and changed. Sorry for the mistake! :)