17 April 2008


art by Matteart "Weather Vivienne"

Last night we headed over to the South Lake Union Velocity, a really hip home art and design shop. Velocity owner, John Tusher, felt that there weren't enough opportunities in Seattle for artists and designers to meet, chat, and make some connections. In attempts to remedy this he's freshly launched "The Lab" a monthly get together with a special speaker or panel each time. This month, the first month, Matte Stephens (Etsy shop: Matteart) was asked to come and give a perspective on his success and share tips. The number one tip he gave: produce! He encouraged everyone to create something new everyday, and discussed his daily routine and inspirations. If you haven't gotten a chance to check out Matte's work, you better go run to his Etsy shop!
John's vision is exactly what I've been looking for to become more involved in the community out here. So thanks a lot, John! The Lab will usually be held on a Wednesday night from about 6-8, late in the month. Next month they'll be hosting a panel of celebrity bloggers to talk about the importance of blogging, and what its like to run a daily blog. That should be a great event to attend! Hope to see you there.


matte stephens said...

Thank you for the nice post! It was very nice to meet you!!

petits bijoux said...

I love Seattle! Will definately check this out next time I'm there.