19 June 2007

Visiting Etsy and Renegade

This past weekend Fort Cloudy, Charlie (the penguin), and I headed up to New York to shake our butts at the Etsy 2 year party and sell, sell, sell at Renegade Craft Fair. We had a fun filled weekend of making new friends and sharing our current friends with all of Brookyln.
The Etsy party was awesome! They had cake AND a piƱata! Charlie and I got to shake it with some awesome Etsy peeps, including: ashleywhitejacobsen, stellaloella, lushboxinc, girlscantell, taina, xiane, sweetestpea, Anda, sweetiepiepress, RelishDress, and Angeatelier, among others. Charlie and I had only heard Fort talk about these a bunch of these people and the Labs before, so it was rad to be able to meet everyone and experience the good times first hand. I definitely want to get back to the EtsyLabs to take one of the neat classes that they offer.

Saturday morning we all high tailed it over to McCarran Park Pool for the Renegade Craft Fair. Fort had a booth vending and Charlie and I wanted to go and help out. She had arranged it before hand so that we were placed right next to Lushbox. Its really great to be at a show and be placed by someone you know. I headed over to her booth for a bit for a slightly steamy photo shoot:

The whole weekend was really great! Rebound Designs was there, as well as, Kate Black, the Black Apple, Squidfire, Precious Pups, 1 Boy 1 Girl, EtsyLabs, Cloedee, Imogene, Red Prairie Press, My Paper Crane, Mogo, I could really go on and on and on... OH! and the Chocolate Lab was there! I had to get a picture with her!

Oh! And I can't forget my new friends!

Man, oh man. Everyone was really great! I can't wait till the next show to meet more great folks! If you're around in Baltimore this Saturday, come out to Pile of Craft (St Paul and 27th) put on by the Charm City Craft Mafia!

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