07 June 2007

Wednesday night at Liams

I swear I don't go out this much, heh, I am just a fetus after all.

My friends from Sweetie Pie Press are in town! Have you heard of them? If not you must be living under a rock! They're some of the raddest kids ever. I met up with them in Hampden at Golden West (one of the most awesomest restaurants around) and we headed down to Liam's Pint Size Pub on Charles St and met up with a bunch of friends.
Blue Heart Box was in the mix up. His wire sculpture is absolutely kick ass! Unfortunately though, I may have said the wrong thing to one of his squids and we ended up duking it out right on the tables. My head still hurts a little today!
I think I'm gonna go pop some aspirin and crawl back in bed for a bit!

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happy happy joy joy said...

hang in there ninja fetus!